How To Find God

How to find God is about love and life – Loving life and Living love.

We believe that all of us want to be happy, loved and enjoy inner peace. These are aspects that are related to finding God. It is to these personal experiences of happiness, love and enjoyment we hope to guide you through a series of blogs, on line self-service tools, webinars, master classes, workshops and retreats.

The experience is easily accessible and can be attained by anyone, anywhere. This is especially true in the practicalities of normal life. It is just there where you live and work that all the chances for happiness, love and inner peace present themselves. Paradoxically it is also right there where we experience the pain of disappointment, rejection and conflict. We take all this of life, and aim to present to you the way to find God where you are.

We want to offer you the opportunity to find out what God (whoever it is to you) already gave you, and experience the simplicity of this gift as happiness, love and inner peace. We promise you that you already have this gift, and that you are often able to give it yourself. Only, for many understandable reasons, you forgot to use it. But what is forgotten can easily be remembered.

Anyway, how difficult can it be to find a gift you already have, and above all, that is right there where you are? We would really like to attempt with you to find this gift and help you to never to ‘lose’ it again. This would mean you would be able to love life and live love.

For now know this; your deepest longing is real, justified and answered. All we have to do is give you the practical applications for what you need specifically. We are sure you know exactly what you need to be happy, loved, and to enjoy inner peace. You are sincerely invited and welcome to ask for it. Together we will find it, because it is impossible to be where God is not.