Definition precision

We define ‘finding God’ as experiencing what is good for you physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. You experience this when what you do is in line with your inner purpose. The effect of this will be that your actions bring you closer to the goal you set. This is true in all matters related to work, life and family.

The crucial parts in this definition are these:

  • Experiencing
  • Physically, mentally, socially and spiritually
  • Action
  • In line with
  • Effect
  • Closer
  • Goal you set

If these parts cooperate in a well-oiled way, you will find it easy to be at peace and allow the experience of being with God gain momentum by itself. You need do nothing, except give in to what makes you happy, and what helps you to experience love. It will grow by itself.  This is just the consequence of the motor of loving life, living love running smoothly.

The reason we define this as precisely as possible is to have a stable platform for our conversation. This stability of mutual understanding enables us to find what you need and help you to use it successfully.