Visiting us

You can visit us in several ways, on line, or personally.

Our webinars are a mix of a concise talk on a topic with the character of storytelling, and a Q and A with the participants. These are real time events, free of charge. You are invited to present specific questions or themes. We post the dates for our webinars on this site. When you subscribe to our newsletter you will receive an invitation to each webinar.

Throughout the year there are several possibilities to visit us personally.

  1. One day with the arrival late the afternoon before,
  2. An extended weekend with the arrival late afternoon on a Thursday,
  3. A weeklong stay

The days of the retreats follow a loose program, organized mainly around what is happening and what is needed at any particular moment. The aim of each day is to make possible the experience of loving life and living love. What a typical day in a retreat would look like, you can read in A typical day.

Although there are no obligations, no instructions, and no agenda, there are a few regular events on more or less fixed moments. These revolve around eating together, chats around topics that come up, interactive workshops or improv-like dialogue, and small group conversations. There is also the opportunity to engage in physical, mental and heart meditation, as well as walks through nature, and other activities directed at exploring what you enjoy. Most stays develop a certain theme around which specific activities, interventions or healing and guiding methods are offered.

Our promise to you
Summed up, the whole experience is designed, organized and carried out in order that one of two things happen for you. Either you experience loving life and living love, or together we meet that what inhibits you from experiencing this. In both cases we will guide you to where you find God in a peaceful, comfortable and happy way. The result will be that what inhibits the experience evaporates like early morning fog in a sunrise showing you your real nature. This is what love is, so you are safe always. All we need to do is experience it beyond any doubt. That is what reality is and where you find God. Even before that, you will have felt the welcoming presence of an inner feeling that you are okay, and nothing is required of you before you will be loved. This is what we practice and would like to give to you.

Our time together
The time we spend together will have the quality of spending time with the best of family or friends, and is aimed at receiving what we need to love life and live love. It will have the flavor of a quiet holiday, with happy and insightful meetings that help you to find what you need. Although there is no fixed curriculum, we do design a program with specific happenings based on what you say you want to find. We will do this together at the start of the event.

Our locations
We are located in the heartland of France. Picture quiet countryside, hills to roam in, good food, some wine, cheese, and dessert as you wish, and every chance for talks and walks. The groups are small, with occasions to mingle, to be alone, or invite others to do something together. In addition to this we operate in the quadrangle of Paris, London, Brussels and Berlin. From time to time we are invited to organize meetings or retreats.

When you are interested to visit us, please let us know and we will send you an overview of the retreats.