A typical day

Probably you arrived in the late afternoon. Some people have arrived already. They offer you something to eat and drink. You unpack, unwind and get acquainted at leisure – slow time has begun. The evening has arrived and before you know it you realize the program has commenced as well. The group is small. There are many stories that people share. You recognize some of the incidents; for instance about impatience, grievances, old conflicts – new obscurities about so called solutions. Although this touches on potentially painful images about yourself, you don’t mind. The atmosphere is laid-back, and actually rather joyful.  We are all people, and we all lived life.

During the next day you acquire some skills to act from inner peace and restore harmony. Already you know that something is lost, and now there is more of you.

The afternoon leads to a further slow down. A few people do an improv to understand a mechanism they entertain, others are involved in a dialogue about searching and finding. You have a conversation about something that really matters to you, and what constraints prevent you from doing what your heart tells you. The chat carries on in the garden, where you help a bit with cutting the lettuce. Then something is said, or done, or showed to you, and you realize that problems don’t need a solution. They vaporize, because you have let them be. And after a while they let you be, as well.

The evening is pleasant, some food, some wine for those who like it, an open fire and continued conversations. It becomes clear that all of us want the same, and that most of us find it not so easy to make the first move. Yet we all need inner peace, and again you find some clues you can use.

You sleep very well, in a good bed. It is very quiet and nothing is expected of you. The next morning a few people want do something together and you decide to join them. Another quiet day with many insights follows its easy and gentle course.